Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knowing that you are the KHALIFAH OF ALLAH

 It is Allah who creates us to be the khalifah?

Khalifah on the earth

 Behold, Your Lord said to the angles: “I will create a khalifah (vicegerent) on earth.” They said: “will You place thererein one who will make mischief and shed blood?”- Whilst we do celebrates Your praises and glorify Your Holy (name)

In the quran, Allah do explain to us that He created man for three purpose
-          to be the khalifah of Allah
-          to be His ‘Abd (servant)
-          and the third, to know him

Adh- Dhariyat , 56

 I have only created Jinn and men, that they may (know and) serve Me.

Who is the khalifah??????

Khalifah translated into English means “Vicegerent”… vicegerent means “one who acts on behalf of the leader or the king.”  So if the leader or the king tells somebody “I want you to act on my behalf”- you do nit take it upon yourself to act on behalf of the leader or the king. In other word we can says that as the khalifah or being a vicegerent we are appointed by the leader or the king to act on behalf of the king.  So as the vicegerent, we must carry out the leader or king will, that is, the vicegerent is told what to do, and he/she does not carry out his own will, but must carry out the leader’s will.
            So that we as the khalifah of Allah in the earth cannot simply act like we want, we must consider what Allah told us to do. For an example the khalifah of Allah should not do any action that can damage the nature because in the Quran Allah do tell us that we should not do thing that can damage the nature, the earth, we should take care the nature for our future generation. This is a responsibility from Allah to us.


Earth is a gift

Al baqarah: 29

It is Allah Who created for you all things that are on the earth.

What is the purpose of the Earth? Actually, the purpose of Allah physical creation is Allah want to place His khalifah in His plan and have him carry out his responsibility. In other words, the whole purpose of the universe is to allow khalifah of Allah to exist. Thus in the earth Allah do make us easy to get food, water supply us with the air to breath, so that we can live in the earth but just live without doing nothing but we must take role as the khalifah of Allah.

On being Khalifah of Allah, Prof Dr. Muhammad al' Mahdi

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