Sunday, March 14, 2010

“Let we choose to be a muslim”

 A      :  B  let us choose to be muslim…
B        : what do you means by choose to be muslim? I am already a muslim..
A       :  how can you define yourself as a muslim?
B        :  why you ask me like that, you already know that both of my parent are muslim, my identitiy card also state that I am a muslim
A       :so, by that you define yourself as a muslim…
B        : yeah, by what? If not by that?
A       : do we a muslim if we are not done our role as a muslim?
B        : ??? what do you mean,  I think I am a muslim..
A       : do teachers is really a teacher if he/she does not teach her student, do the doctor be called the doctor, if he does not treat the patient, do the soldier is a soldier is he does not protect the country….i means why actually we class this types of person as a soldier, doctor, teachers and so on… if not by their role them taking in our society..
B        :  yeah,  I understand that..then…??
A       : so secondly i would like to ask you we really a muslim if we does taking role as muslim?
B        : maybe we are muslim, but not the true one
A       : Yeah you a right, true muslim is one that fear Allah although he cannot see Him, do whatever just because to get Allah love, he do what Allah tell him to do and did not do what Allah does not like us to do..
B        : so that muslim that not done all those thing like prayer, fasting, done zakah ad so on is not   a true muslim, but why earlier you said to me let us to be muslim?
A       : let us to choose to be muslim means that let us choose to be the true muslim that taking the role as a muslim, that done what Allah tells us to do…do not just take islam for granted, we must let islam be our ways of life, appreciate islam…
B        : so know I can understand  maybe  lot of  us now a muslim, but not all the muslim choose to be a muslim
A       : Alhamdulillah…..
B        :  now, I want to choose to be a muslim..
A       : me too..
A and B        : let us choose to be a muslim, that true muslim, that always obey Allah although we cannot see Him…

Firman Allah
“wahai orang-orang yang beriman! masuklah ke dalam islam secara keseluruhan, dan janganlah kamu ikuti jejak langkah syaitan. Sungguh ia musuh yang nyata bagi kamu”
Al-baqarah: 208

Written by An-nur Furqan, finish by 13/3/2010 in the ways to kuala Selangor..Thanks Allah..

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